2005-10-21 - 6:26 p.m.

Well, well, well. I guess I'm out of the blogger closet. Not a surprise, what with the adding and the linking and the talking freely about it and all...

Mr. Will has gone back into the world of the naps. Today while he slept I made invitations to his birthday party. They have mini baseball fields on them, complete with bases and home plates, big baseballs, and a field of green with the words, "Will's Rounding Second!" He'll have his Manny party after all.

Life is gonna suck around here come the 2006 season if Manny is wearing a different uniform. They're ALL Manny--every single member of the Red Sox organization--according to Will. He points at my hat--"Mommy Manny." He points at the giant cutout of David Ortiz in the Comcast office in the center of town-"Manny!" His various pieces of Red Sox clothing? He pats the logo and says, "Manny," in this "aww--I love you" sort of voice.

I'm hoping by the time Opening Day rolls around he's big enough to understand that there's more to Boston Baseball than Manny Ramirez.

Until then, though, it's a Manny Party, complete with an astroturf tablecloth, Fenway Franks and Cracker Jacks, and a big baseball-shaped cake for the birthday boy.

If I ever finish the invitations and send them out the door.

22 days to his 2nd birthday!


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