2005-12-17 - 6:59 p.m.

Kirk is downstairs right now hanging lights on the tree. This is a very good thing, since the tree has been in the living room for a week, lightless and decorationless save the angel on the uppermost branch. I was beginning to feel very guilty for having it, since it seemed it would pass the entire season unadorned, but apparently this is not the case. Now, if I can just find the other box of ornaments, life will be very good indeed.

Will seems to think te tree is alive-alive. Like able-to-play-catch-with-him alive. He doesn't understand why the koosh ball thrown into its branches doesn't get tossed back. Ah, to be two. It's a "Santa Tree," as far as he's concerned.

More to say but I have to check the light status...


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