Not really much to report
2006-04-21 - 7:58 a.m.

I've gone this long without updating before. I know I have. It's just that for the life of me, I can't remember much worth writing about right now.

Let's see...

Thank you all for the good Carol wishes that came my (her) way. She's suffered a setback of giant proportion that definitely put off her bone marrow transplant, possibly left her facing a lifetime of dialysis, and, most cruelly, made her miss out on Opening Day with my mom, Judy, and Will.

Yep--that's right. Will went to his first Red Sox game, and it just happened to be Opening Day 2006. His Uncle Jay took Carols' ticket, so Will was surrounded by three of his favorite people, and he had a wonderful time. Since then, a constant chorus of "Come on Manny get up and GO!" has been uttered in two-year-old voice around here. Jay said it was just like having a "regular guy" at the game. The man in the seats behind them, after chatting with Will for a few minutes and having Will tell him he was two years old, asked my mother, "how old is he really? Two and how many months?"

People are amazed at how well he speaks. I tell them it's because he practices all the time.

Easter came and went and left us with a house full of forgotten hunt goodies, a yard full of cigarette butts, and a child who looks everywhere for his cousins. Thirty people for dinner this year. It was loud and crazy and wonderful, and I will miss it next year when I'm not the hostess, even though my house is not really set up for 30 dinner guests.

I finally finished Jay's scarf, now that the weather is well-rooted into spring. The fringe was hard for me to master, especially since I was just kind-of teaching myself how to do it. My first attempt left the scarf with a rather bell-bottomed appearance, which then necessitated the removal of the fringe and some emergency blocking of the scarf. It's beautiful, though, in the end, and looks great on him. A finished object I am proud of. Knitting is easy when someone who really knows what they're doing is your teacher...

On a very cool, happy note, I got a message last Friday from our neighbors, asking me if I would bring in their mail while they were away this week. Will and I walked over while Ben was packing the car to say yes, and were greeted with the wonderful news that he and Joan had gotten married that morning. Their vacation was really a honeymoon.

They'd been talking about getting married since before they bought the house, but decided last week to just DO it, so they found a justice of the peace, went to a pretty park here in town, and, as Ben put it, "said some really nice things to eachother and got married, just the two of us." I am immeasurably happy for them. They were both glowing, their excitement and happiness barely contained. Yay for Ben and Joan!

And with that, I think I'm tapped out. Happy Friday, all.


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