2006-05-21 - 4:19 p.m.

My uncle Bob died yesterday.

He was #3 in my series of three bad cancer news people. Carol was #1, and our friend Sharon was #2.

He had a brain tumor. They operated and thought they'd beaten it. Then he had a stroke. Then he got out of rehab and was...stable, anyway. Yesterday morning, he had a normal start to his day and then had a small seizure thing of some sort. He and my Aunt Ruthann went into his hospital where they ran tests, all of which came back "normal." A bit later, he was in his hospital bed and she was beside him, her arms around him. He had a second seizure thing and died in her arms.

Despite his DNR wishes, the staff asked my aunt if she wanted them to try and bring him back. Thankfully, she respected him and said no.

And now I'm off to Aunt Ruthann's house. More later...


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