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2006-06-28 - 5:36 p.m.

So four years in, and the mystery is gone. I floss in front of Kirk these days. I don't close the bathroom door when I have to pee. And the other day, I caught myself squeezing a blackhead in the mirror next to him. It's safe to say our comfort level is at an all-time high. I'll choose to look at it that way, anyway.

We're off to New Hampshire for all of next week, which will be a very good thing despite the lack of shower in the camp. I'm hoping to get down to the water each morning for an early swim--part of the new "get rid of these damn 15 pounds" effort. THe five that miraculously melted off when I started using the NuvaRing have come back. Thankfully, they didn't bring friends. It's disheartening, though. I'm tired of feeling this out of shape. Apparently not tired enough to forego the cookies, though. And so it goes.

Saturday was my first CSA pickup of the season, which has meant good eating all week. Saturday was pasta with lemon, garlic, artichokes, and olives. Sunday breakfast was waffles with CSA strawberries, and dinner was stir fried pork fried rice (CSA ingredient--Bok Choi). Monday dinner was chicken stuffed with spinach, CSA kale, mushrooms, and gorgonzola (butterflied, flattened, filled, wrapped in plastic wrap, and poached for a low-fat, delicious dinner, thanks to inspiration from this month's Cooking Light magazine!). TOnight, it's Papa John's pizza and cheesy breadsticks. Hey, they can't all be culinary feasts! It's a tough night to cook anything, anyway. The electricity is going off shortly because Kirk's cousin Ed FINALLY brought his shit over to update our electrical panel, step one in having the house get past the knob and tube wiring stage, and he'll be here soon to start the job. For that, I'll give up my electricity and eat pizza!

With that, I'm off. Happy Wednesday, all...


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