2006-09-11 - 7:08 a.m.

One year, one month, and seven days.

That's how long it took for multiple myeloma to claim Carol, from diagnosis to death.

Last Wednesday, she went to see her oncologist at Dana Farber. He had no new cancer news for her, good or bad, but did confirm that her overall condition was worsening, and at an alarmingly rapid rate.

Carol decided at that meeting that she was ready to go on hospice*. She told her doctor that she was tired of being in pain, tired of being afraid, and tired of being alone, and that she just wanted to go home. Saturday morning, she was moved from the rehab center, where she'd been since July, to her house. Her two local sisters had been with her since her decision, and the third sister arrived from out of state on Saturday morning. Her circle was closed--she was where she wanted to be, surrounded by the people she wanted to be with.

Yesterday at 12:15 she died.

I have so many thoughts and not nearly enough words.

Keep her daughter in your prayers, would you?

*If you are unfamiliar with hospice care and the wonderful options it offers to patients and their families in the end stage of an incurable disease, there is a good explanation of it here.


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