Bigfoot, Laughter, and Lobster Rolls
2018-11-03 - 11:12 p.m.

Today was an incredibly great day!

Yesterday was an amazing day for me, but way less fun for Will. Yesterday was the 8th Annual Summit for Collaborative and Proactive Solutions. I got up around 6, showered and got dressed, and was at the registration table by 7:15. By 8:45, we had registered just about everyone and I was in my seat for the keynote speaker, Julie Causton, who was incredible! She held our rapt attention for over three hours and I could have listened to her all day!

After lunch, I first got to listen to Dr. Ross Greene speak for an hour and a half. And even though I have heard him give the I two to CPS talk a bunch of times by now, I still feel uplifted by it every time, and each time, I still learn something new!

Next up, I was honored and blessed to be part of the presenting panel for one of the breakout groups, a live version of the Parenting your Behaviorally Challenging Child podcast, with two dear friends and amazing women! And then a screening of The Kids We Lose! And THEN, dinner with a huge tableful of amazing people, friends old and new! And there was wine! And there were potato donuts! And there was so much love and uplifting and solidarity and comfort and learning. It was, from start to finish, an incredible day for me!

It was not so incredible for my kid, who spent most of it hanging out in our hotel room, waiting.

Today, though—today was one of those rare occasions where all three of us just flat out had fun! Hotel restaurant breakfast! A trip to the International Cryptozoology Museum! Pop Rocks and chocolate! Lobster rolls! Dinner with my Aunt Ruthann! The news that Brian’s baby was born! And bedtime snuggles that involved heart-cleansing, contagious, unstoppable laughter!

An amazing, incredible, life-affirming kind of day!

At the end of it, I told Will how much I really enjoyed hanging out with him today and how glad I was that I had the chance.

His response?

“You aren’t going to make it weird now, are you?”

I love that kid!!!!


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