HOW much is summer camp?!
2008-05-07 - 5:05 p.m.

Birthday cake Friend'z desserts have to be one of the most disgusting creations known to man. Vanilla soft serve, bright blue frosting, pound cake, and rainbow jimmies, all swirled together into a concoction only a preschooler could love. But love it he does. His mouth may now be blue forever.

I've had an interesting week, Imaginary Internet Friend-wise. One, a friend I almost made in real life and whom I've always regretted not catching, is writing again and did me the honor of answering an email. A second, a fellow Diaryland Survivor contestant back-in-the-day (points to anyone who even remembers what I'm talking about!) has a newish site that I stumbled across. And a third, a new find for me right here on D-land, entered into a writing pact with me. So...Here I am. I'm writing.

I've been doing some other stuff, too, other than visiting with the little white box.

This week was my goddaughter's birthday. Probably more for her mother, I made her a birthday gift. Even the girly-girliest five-year-old might be a bit too small to appreciate it, but someday...Someday...

ella bday 2008 001

Up close:ella bday 2008 002

Will had a wonderful time riding a Power Wheels Harley at the party:
ella bday 2008 009

He looks so huge to me in these photos. Hard to believe he's pushing FIVE! I signed him up for summer camp today. Three days a week for four weeks, in the hopes that it will get him back into the swing of going somewhere with a set schedule before school starts again. This still leaves me with six Mondays I have to shuffle through the summer, where I need to be at work and he needs to be somewhere other than here at home, alone. I could have signed him up for eight weeks of camp, but somehow I couldn't justify the $1700 that would have cost me. Honestly, unless they're learning to spin straw into gold...

In other news, my iMac appears to be finally breathing its last. Ten years and lots of hours logged together. It certainly owes me nothing, but I'm very, very saddened by this development. Now, if that damn guvment check would just come, I could be the proud owner of a shiny, new iBook...Someday, someway...

ANd now, it's off to cook some dinner. Happy Wednesday, all. ***Edited to add: I have now changed the comments thingy again, so that there is space to comment on each entry, as opposed to one comment spot hidden over to the side. Not that the three people still reading this thing comment all that often, but the opportunity is there, nonetheless...


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