bad and good
2008-05-20 - 7:26 p.m.

Today, I went to a seven-hour seminar on sales and use tax.

All I can think of is that Far Side cartoon with the kid raising his hand in the middle of a test and asking if he can be excused because his brain is full.

I'm sad tonight on several levels.

It's David's birthday. Miss you, Schnopper.

Ted Kennedy has a level 3 or 4 malignant brain tumor in his left parietal lobe, the part that controls thought and speech, made worse by the fact that he is right handed.

Having watched someone I loved lose a battle to a brain tumor, I can safely say that it is one of nature's cruelest twists of fate. This news would suck royally no matter who was at the receiving end of it. It especially sucks because the loss of Senator Kennedy would be a huge blow to pretty much the entire country. The news is full of his face tonight, along with a recurrent shot of Sen. Robert Byrd, overcome with emotion, sending a tearful message to Kennedy, calling him "my dear friend" and telling him he loves him.

Yep. It's an up night around here.

It's not all bad news, though. On the good side, our family is one member larger this evening, as my sister-in-law had a healthy baby boy this morning.

I'm going to call him T.J.


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