Bad knees! Bad!!!
2006-02-17 - 7:30 a.m.

A week or so ago, my left knee started cracking every time I stood up. Never a good sign, but more annoying than painful. I just started standing more carefully.

Wednesday, Jill and Christopher, Carla and Ella came for a playdate. The kids played and we ate and talked, and all was good. Until just before they left, when I stood up from kneeling down to talk to Ella and Will. As I stood, my knee made a loud noise, and shooting pain engulfed the inside.

Every step I took from the living room to the back porch brought on clicking and popping, though the pain wasn't too bad. I told Carla it would be fine, and that I would call my doctor in the morning if it persisted.

An hour later, as the pain started to come on stronger, I made that phone call, setting up an appointment for 9:15 Thursday morning.

By the time I left to see the doctor, I could barely walk, and I certainly couldn't put any weight on my left foot. I hobbled in to his office, submitted to examination, and then listened as he called down to my orthopedist, the same guy who did surgery on my right knee to repair a torn medial meniscus 13 years ago.

THankfully, the offices are in the same building, so I didn't have far to hobble the second time. He did a quick exam, x-rayed my knee right in his office, and then told me he wanted to book me an OR time, was Friday or Tuesday better for me?

Umm...All I did was stand up. What the hell do you mean?!

But yes, kids, I appear to have torn the meniscus in my left knee, and at 1:30 this afternoon I will be having the same surgery on my left side that I had on my right so many years ago.

Life is so randomly sucky sometimes.


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