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2008-01-09 - 5:55 p.m.

Today, I walked for the second time this week. AND I ate only what I'd planned to eat. AND I did ten things that make me happy from my list of 20.

I will have a happier, healthier 2008 yet.

One of those things involved lunch with Will at Bertucci's. One of the waiters at "our" Bertucci's (and I'm not the one who dubbed it so--when Will and his Nana went to a different one, he told her, voice dripping with attitude, "Nana, this is not OUR Bertuccis!") is named Diego. We've had him so many times now that when he comes to our table, he brings an unsweetened iced tea and an apple juice and says, "welcome back to Bertucci's" and Will asks him, every time, if he rescues animals when he's not working there. It's our shtick.

Anyway, today, Diego-who-does-not-rescue-animals-in-his-spare-time-but-who-humors-my-son-anyway smelled REALLY good. I don't know what kind of cologne he was wearing, but every time he bent over to set something down on the table, I got a good whiff and it was wonderful. Not too overpowering, either. Just enough to know it was there.

I would like to smell him again.

Tonight is Wednesday, and I have nothing to knit. Grr. Arrgh. This will not stop me from going to Starbucks and meeting my "knitting friends," but it might shorten my evening there. I do, however, plan to try the new "skinny" mocha this evening. Not sure what the difference is between that and the regular old nonfat mocha. But I'm sure I will.

Wow--this is perhaps the world's most boring blog entry ever. I really didn't have anything to say today!


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