Just Breathe
2008-05-27 - 5:57 a.m.

I'm so tired of allergies. I'm just about ready to simply remove my nose. It seems the most logical thing to do. Of course, I'm strung out on allergy meds, so logic may not have a big place in this right now after all.

I haven't had an allergy season this bad since I was pregnant. Of course, I have the advantage now of actually being able to take something. Back then, just rounding out my first trimester of pregnancy, there wasn't anything on the "okay to take if you feel you absolutely must" list of medications that helped at all.

The final straw came the day my head was so messed up that I turned to look at someone in my office and fell off my chair. Just--plunk onto the floor. I called my doctor and complained. "Nope, there's nothing you can take," they insisted. "BUT I CAN'T EVEN REMAIN UPRIGHT!" I yelled back.

After much discussion and insistence on my part that the baby in question was probably in more danger from having a mother who was just falling down all the time, I finally gained permission to try some Afrin. "But only two sprays per day, and only for three days," they admonished.

I shook my head derisively--how could that possibly help? But DAMN--it did the trick.

I remembered that yesterday while perusing the grocery store for chocolate cool whip and picked up a new spray bottle of store-brand Afrin. And again, I am amazed and a little bit frightened. I hadn't been able to breathe through my nose for days, and yet--one shot of Afrin and my nostrils were clear in seconds. And remained that way for the next nine hours or so. Of course, I traded off for an extremely sore throat caused by the post-nasal Afrin drip, but I suppose you can't have everything...

We opened the camp this weekend. I think it housed the entire New Hampshire population of winter spiders and not a small portion of the NH mice, but it is now clean and fresh smelling and much more inviting that when we set foot through the door on Saturday. Monday morning found me on the porch with my knitting, my iPod, and my tea, looking out at the lake in the peaceful morning hours before anyone else is up. It's amazing what I can manage to forget in the right situation. Everything else melted away in those moments but the English Breakfast, Nanci Griffith's voice, my teensy heel stitches, and the beauty of the lake.

Of course, it all came crashing back when Will woke up. But for a short time, I relaxed in the peace of the moment. That was good.

That will carry me through the week.


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