Brian (or Bryan)
2006-09-28 - 5:44 p.m.

Today, driving home from the grocery store, I was flipping through radio stations, searching for something that would make my construction delay a little more palatable. Mix 98.5 is one of Kirk's presets, and isn't usually a spot I stop, but several perusals of my usual frequencies had been fruitless, so I hit the #3 button without much hope.

The speakers offered me Madonna's "Crazy for You." And suddenly, I was 15 again.

I met Brian Landolfi (or was he Bryan? I can't qute remember) at a party at Heidi Gold's house. Or was it Cori Pond's house? Again, I don't quite remember. I do remember that he was my friend Gina's cousin, and that I thought he was very cute. So when Cori called me the next day and told me that Brian's (or Bryan's)friend, who she'd had her eye on all night, and Brian (or Bryan)were coming over the next day, and did I want to come, too, because Brian (or Bryan) hoped I would be there, my answer was a giant yes.

It wasn't a particularly successful date, if you could even call it a date. Cori and the friend sat on one end of the couch, making out noisily. Brian (or Bryan) and I sat at the other, trying to make some sort of small talk over the kissing. Still, when he asked me what I was doing Friday night, I somehow managed to invite him to join us at Roll Land, our usual Friday Night Haunt, the height of excitement when we were still reliant on our parents to take us places.

He lived in Stoughton, the next town over. It seemed very far away. We talked on the phone a lot and skated together every Friday night. He loved Madonna. Sitting outside the rink, waiting for our respective rides home from a night of hard roller skating, he looked into my eyes and sang "Crazy For You."

"Trying hard to control my heart, I walk over to where you are, eye to eye we meet no words at all..."

I was in Luuuuuuuuuuuv.

And then, suddenly, I wasn't. I can't even begin to explain the fickle heart of a 15-year-old me. I could make up a reason now--say, he lived too far away, or I liked someone else, or the Madonna just turned me off, but honestly I don't remember what it was that made me move away from him. I do remember that he called my best friend, practically in tears, and told her that I broke up with him. She thought I was crazy. All my friends did. There were several of them in line, happy to step into my place as his girlfriend. He went to our senior prom with Heidi Currie. I danced with him, but not to Madonna. That was the last time I saw Brian. Or Bryan.

I wonder if he's still singing Madonna songs.


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