Catching Up
2006-06-23 - 8:14 a.m.

So...Has it really been that long? Huh. Life is busy, I guess.

Our weekends have been spent in New Hampshire, soaking up the sun as allowed and watching Will terrorize inanimate objects with the Barbie Jeep, which he has yet to figure out how to steer.

Last weekend, he did his best to speed up my graying process and shorten my lifespan by falling off the pier and into the lake. Stepped backwards right over the edge. Luckily, I was all of four feet from him and was in the water, fully clothed, in a heartbeat. His eyes were wide open the whole time and the look of terror on his little face was sickmaking. But he never made a noise. Not in the water, not when I grabbed him and scooped him up, not as I was talking quietly to him in the aftermath. Finally, I said, "Are you okay, buddy?" A teensy voice answered me back. "No, Mommy. I sick. I swallowed too much lake." Big sighs of relief. He was fine, except for the giant fear of the water that carried through the rest of the day.

He repeated the heart-stopping and the hair-graying the next day, running up a set of steps at the park and out into the middle of the street without pause. I'm amazed at how fast those little legs can move. He was laughing when I grabbed him but stopped as soon as he saw my face. Apparently, my words sunk in, because Monday night, while his father was giving him a bath, he shared this lovely little story. "Mommy and I went to the park today, Daddy. We played in the playground and ran in the field. I ran up the stairs and into the street. Mommy grabbed me. I could have been hurt by a car. I need to look both ways and wait for you or Mommy. Mommy was mad and we came home."

He's quite the little storyteller, that one.

On a totally non-Will note, Cocktails for Carol was Wednesday night, and it was a HUGE success. We raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $12,000 for her, and everyone had a blast in the process. This was probably helped along by the many "Caroltinis" (green apple martinis, Carol's favorite drink) enjoyed over the course of the night. Even the restaurant was happy--all those Caroltinis added up to over two grand in bar sales, just in our little room!

Carol herself is...well...she's been better. They did another MRI after WEEKS of her complaining of severe back pain, which is what started her on this ugly road in the first place. After telling her over and over again that the pain was not disease-related, they finally did a scan and discovered that she had new lesions on her spine. She started radiation this past week, and was happy to report that on Wednesday, while we were getting ready for the party, she stood up in PT for the first time in several weeks. Next week, she's scheduled for a laminectomy to relieve more of her back pain, which should increase her mobility again.

One of the women at the party, a longtime friend of Carol's, told us that she'd been in to visit her on Sunday. "Carol's got a big fight ahead of her," Maureen said, "But if anyone can do it--it's her."

We've crossed everything that's humanly possible to cross.

Happily, I finished my shawl for the silent auction (with three days to spare, even). Even more happily, I didn't have to get my brother to put in a pity bid for it. There were actually three people in a little bidding war for it--yay me!

Many extra special thanks to Kathy, who donated two lovely bracelet and earring sets to us from her fabulous jewelry site, both of which were hot items, and to Jen, who donated a lovely movie still from Sleeping Beauty autographed by Mary Costa, the voice of Briar Rose, which also had a little bidding war of its own.

And, while I'm plugging, my friend Carla donated two of her Grateful Bracelets for the auction as well. They're beautiful! Thank you, Carla!

And now, I've used up all my time. Off to watch Chicken Little with Will for the 63rd time in four days.


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