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2005-05-23 - 4:09 p.m.

Will took it upon himself to pull a good number of my CD's off the rack, necessitating the Big Alphabetization Cleanup. As such, it's given me a chance to reflect on my sadly non-current music selection.

Top shelf (1 of 8):
1. ABBA * Gold Needed for a party. Just never left
2. Soundtrack * About Last Night My favorite Rob Lowe movie ever. "Did you sleep with him? "No, Dan, we were bowling partners!" It's quintessential 80's soundtrack music. Scary.
3. Adam Ant * Strip I was in LOVE with Adam Ant for a good portion of my early teenhood. I had this one on vinyl, and pinned the sleeve up on my wall next to my bed. My mom found the picture (of Adam Ant standing with his pants partly pulled down, goody trail on full display) objectionable and threw it away. I didn't speak to her for a week.
4. Bryan Adams * Cuts Like a Knife For the times when the 14-year-old in me just won't be denied.
5. Alice in Chains * Dirt I don't think you're allowed to have been in your early 20's in America with any sort of clue and not have owned this CD.
6. The Alarm * Change This cassette used to live in a friend's car. "Rain in the Summertime" was on constant replay. It never ceases to make me smile. I heart the Alarm.
7. Various Artists * Allston Rock City A collection of local (mostly now defunct) Boston bands who all played at O'Brien's in Allston Rock City. In my Artboy days, I saw most of them live.
8. The Amazing Royal Crowns * The Amazing Royal Crowns The Amazing Crowns, still Royal to the Loyal. Ah, Jason "King" Kendall, the man with the voice that fueled a thousand dirty dreams.
9. Autour de Lucie * Autour de Lucie Won it in a Lilith Fair prize pack. Never listened to it. Not sure why it's even still here.
10. Barenaked Ladies * Stunt I have a weakness for bouncy pop music. So shoot me.
11. and 12. Beastie Boys * Ill Communication and Paul's Boutique Not sure what happened to the rest of my Beasties. Perhaps I only owned them on cassette. Perhaps the rest belonged to my roommates. Perhaps I should replace them.
13. Ben Folds Five * Whatever and Ever Amen I'll admit to having played "Song for the Dumped" at full volume on more than one occasion.
14. Big Audio Dynamite II * The Globe From the days when I used to hang with my cousins. I still like to listen to this album when I need motivation to MOVE!
15. and 16. Bjork * Debut and Post The former I think I stole from the Artboy after buying the latter. I had the interesting privilege of seeing Bjork live in a teensy place. She was crazy, but in a good way.
17., 18. and 19. The Black Crowes * Shake Your Money Maker, Southern Harmony and Musical COmpanion, and Amorica (Pubic Hair Version) The first time I saw the Black Crowes play live, they were opening for Aerosmith at Great Woods. They were drunk, foul-mouthed, and obscene in gesture, but the music was wonderful. I think I've seen them six times since then. The second album is my favorite.
20. The Blake Babies * Nicely, Nicely A very young Juliana Hatfield, with guest vocals by a very young Evan Dando.
21. Blind Melon * Blind Melon I used to occasionally do some concert security work for a local company. One of the shows I worked was Blind Melon and Lenny Kravitz at Northeastern. It was Shannon Hoon's birthday. I was stationed just outside Blind Melon's dressing room, where I turned away fans and collected birthday gifts all night. "No Rain" had just become their big hit, and there were bee girls scattered throughout the crowd. After expressing surprise at what I'd gathered for him, Shannon Hoon opened a few packages and gave me a can of white play-doh. "Here," he said, "you look bored and lonesome out here." I still have it. Dead rock star play-doh. He was really, really nice.
22. BMX Bandits * Life Goes On Metal Bob used to work for Sony. One night, he unloaded a bunch of CD's on the Artboy's table and let us loose. I came home with this one, among others. This one, though, I kept. Never heard anything else about the band--no idea, really, who they are, but I like the CD.


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