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2005-06-03 - 1:37 p.m.

I should SO be typing other, paying things right now, but somehow here I am in the little white box...

It's been a long, busy week. Memorial Day weekend found us in NH, opening the camp and cleaning our little butts off. In the winter, apparently all the mice in southern NH call our little camp home, inviting the spiders to room with them. We brought the Dyson with us and vacuumed THREE tankfuls of crap out of the corners and crevices. It was nice and bright and clean when we left, though, which made the hard work worth it.

Monday brought yardwork at home as we attempt to clean up what little yard we have left, post-construction. I planted flowers for the first time in my life, pansies that are brightening up my side window box and the space to the left of the driveway. Inspired, I purchased a giant bag of dirt at the evil Wal*mart on Wednesday. Everything that lives in dirt will get dirt. Even Will, who apparently is an inherent dirt dweller. At least that's how he looks after a day in the yard. I had no idea one small child could carry that much filth.

Monday night, Kirk undressed him for his bath to find him covered in hives. They migrated from his back to his chest, arms, legs, butt, and face, all coming and going as they pleased. Thankfully, they seem to have faded on their own, but he looked rather grim there for a while. No idea what caused them or if he'll be exposed to it again. I hope not. Wasn't the most fun thing in the world, watching my baby break out left and right with great big angry red blotches.

Yesterday was company day around here. My friend Jill, who I've known since our children's choir days and who I was very close with until my early 20's, but whom I've seen only a handful of times in the past five years or so, joined us for lunch, along with her son, Christopher, who is a year older than Will. The two boys played beautifully (but noisily) together while Jill and I ate homemade macaroni and cheese and chocolate mousse cups (The macaroni was made by me. The chocolate mousse was all bakery. I couldn't come close to making something that extremely yummy!). After they left, I went into cleanup mode, stripping the table and resetting it for dinner, when Kirk's parents joined us for Betsy's birthday celebration. Thankfully, it was a successful evening, and the food was quite tasty--cranberry pork roast with herbed rice, spring salad with mango, avocado, and gorgonzola, and cheddar and garlic biscuits. Kirk made an ice cream cake for dessert--chocolate chip and coffee layers with crushed oreo-studded fudge in between. It was yummy.

Today, I've eaten salad and kashi. It's like penance.

Mmmm...nothing like a good food entry just after lunch!

And because I don't have nearly enough pictures in this particular site just yet, here's a shot from this weekend. Kirk's starting early in trying to groom Will into a good yard buddy.


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