Too early for much coherent thought
2006-05-16 - 6:21 a.m.

I got up early this morning but have now spent enough time farting around on the computer to make myself just a teensy bit late. Time sucker, this thing is.

Kathy has now told me to choose what pieces of her jewelry we want for the Carol silent auction. Such a hard decision--so many beautiful choices! Go take a look and cast your vote. While you're there, get something nice for yourself, too!

I've never been any kind of gardener before, but when you buy a house with a big yard, eventually, you plant things in it. I was so successful with coaxing my morning glory to bloom last year that I've added a few new plants to the side of the house and filled all the window boxes with pansies. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, it means I've also grown to care about the things in the yard. On the side of the house is an ancient trumpet vine. It was here long before us, and was well-loved by the previous owner. When we moved in, I promised her son that I would love it as much as she had.

Last year, it took a big hit in one of those crazy windstorms we had, and the top cracked off. Apparently, it didn't recover. Not one spot of green on the whole thing. This makes me very, very sad.

And now, if I don't go shower, I'll be going to work dirty. Yuck!


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