Floors, floors, floors!
2005-11-30 - 8:54 a.m.

Mom house update: The floors are going down! Rob and Mark, the guys we began with, who did most of the carpentry work involved in building the house (almost two long years ago!), are back and nailing down boards as we speak! And the chorus of angels is ringing down from Heaven. It sounds a lot like an air compressor...

My rejoicing is not because I don't love my mom, or because I want her to leave. But two years is way too long to compress your life into one small room in your daughter's house, especially one just off the kitchen that doesn't have a working door*.

Elsewhere in the house, preparations for Wild Women Weekend are well underway. Judy and Erica arrive tomorrow afternoon, and the reveling begins (Dictionary dot com wasn't very helpful on the subject of reveling. Apparently, the spelling is correct with either one or two l's. Who knew?!).

I sure wish we were spending the weekend near Kathy's house so we could attend her boutique. It's a Wild Women kind of an affair, I think.

Although it won't include a trip to Kathy's sale, the weekend WILL include lots of shopping, eating, and talking. It will be too short, as all our visits with Judy and Erica are. But we're SO glad they're coming.

And now, Will and I are off to run a zillion errands. Such an exciting Wednesday we have planned.

*Don't even get me started on the door. It's a sore spot in the house that should have been rectified long ago. If I had any inkling of a clue of how to fix it myself, I would have by now, but the doors in our house, being the original ones from 1886, are not really something I can afford to destroy in an effort to "fix" one...


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