It's not the heat--it's the stupidity
2005-07-15 - 2:06 p.m.

It's hot. I'm tired. Not sure how much more there is to say.

What's on my mind today?

Fudgetown cookies. I'm sad these don't exist any more. A little internet research tells me these were made by the Burry cookie company. Not sure what, exactly, mad eme think about them, but now that I have, I'm sad they no longer exist.

Pilates. I took my first class this week. It's hard. Hard to think about all those things at once--breathing and pulling your navel toward your spine and keeping your knees in the right place and what moves first. Hard, too, because I'm used to large movements. Pilates is small, precise movements. It's going to take a LOT of practice. One session down, 29 to go, Mr. Pilates...

Incidentally, I wish I could afford private lessons, but the two-person team is going to have to do.

Cars. Ours is once again in the shop. We've owned it for less than two years. This is its third--no, wait--fourth trip to the dealership. Do not buy an Isuzu Rodeo. It will bring you nothing but heartache. Kirk and I are in the midst of the new car conversation--as in when it will happen and what it will be. He'd like to get me one of these. Alternately, when I told him he was out of his freaking mind, he suggested one of these. He was also drooling at one of these when we dropped off the Isuzu last night. I wonder if he has some secret inheritance somewhere, because I certainly don't see how either of those things could possibly happen, outside of the fact that the SSR doesn't have room for Will (unless you count the cargo space, which I don't).

In the end, we're going to probably go with a used something like this (although that's probably WAY fancier than what we'll end up with, but I'm too hot and tired and lazy to search any more).

DInner. I don't know what it's going to be. It's too hot for what I'd planned. Or maybe I'm just too hot to cook. Big D's it is...

The rest of my mind--a blank slate. Scary, isn't it?


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