Like Mr. Rogers
2005-07-13 - 5:10 p.m.

Can't find what I'm looking for. THis would not be so bad if it wasn't I'm ostensibly getting paid for doing. Grr. Arrgh. 27 Fling Boogie, here I come!

The CSA is unquestionably changing the way we're eating around here. Last week, one night was stir-fried ginger beef and veggies. Another was fresh pea and wild mushroom risotto. Tonight it's summer vegetable chowder, and the house smells delicious. There were gigantic, incredibly sweet blueberries in my cereal this morning. I have cucumbers and tomatoes and arugula and more bok choy and kale and zucchini and summer squash and another round of fresh peas waiting for the rest of the week. Life is good.

We have new neighbors, too. Don't think I mentioned that before. Ben and Joan and their dog, Grace. They officially moved in yesterday, though they've been working their tails off in the house for the past two weeks. Joan runs a business that conducts cooking classes. Despite the fact that I think it's a bit crazy to bring food to a woman who cooks for a living, Will and I wandered over Monday night and brought them a disposable container of macaroni and cheese, ready to throw in the oven or the freezer. Hey--even professional chefs need a rest, especially after they've painted all day.

I'm trying hard to be the kind of neighbor I would have loved to find here when we moved in. Instead, I found Lorna and Paul, who have never spoken to us but who have given the contractors a hard time several times through, and the baby people, whom we never would have met at all if I hadn't taken Will trick or treating, and whom we'd never have seen again if I wasn't hopeful that their house would be big enough for Carla. I hope I didn't seem too eager, showing up on their doorstep with food. "Hi--if I feed you will you like me?!"

Erica and co. spoiled me in our old house. And yes, they were very good friends of our family's before they became our neighbors. But still--it was wonderful to have the people whose lawn borders yours be people that you trust and like, you know? We haven't had that here, and I miss it greatly. Even in JP, although I didn't know all the people on the street very well, there was a great sense of "neighborhood." We're starting to get that here, and it makes me sillily giddily happy.

Off to continue my search. Losing letters is bad.


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