Now it's Will's
2006-06-30 - 10:41 a.m.

Will just pulled a bell out of our desk drawer. It was a gag gift to Kirk from my mom a few years ago--a "bear bell," for all that time he spends in the woods now that we're settled in Suburbia. Will loves this bell and has pulled it out and played with it for much of his young life.

He brought it over to me and asked me to put it on him (it's on a piece of strapping with velcro on the ends). I fastened it around his wrist and he happily jingled away. "THis used to be Daddy's," he told me as he passed my chair.

"Oh really," I remarked. "Who does it belong to now?"

"Now it's Will's," he said, very matter-of-fact about it.

And so it goes with most everything in the house. Used to be ours. Now it's Will's.


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