What it looks like to turn two.
2005-11-21 - 4:27 p.m.

The birthday started with Mega Blocks helicopter presents from Nana and the opportunity to lick the birthday cake bowl for breakfast. His father helped a little bit, too.

He even got to open a present in the early part of the day. This is the first gift he's managed to open on his own. He thought that was fabulous and hasn't stopped looking for presents to rip open since.

When he went down for his nap, the transformation into Red Sox Central began, complete with baseball cupcakes, Red Sox peanuts, boxes of Cracker Jacks, and little bags of popcorn. Oh, and lots of sugar cookies iced in red that spelled out Red Sox. Yummy!

Everyone arrived, the Birthday Boy was roused from sleep, and the pizza and hot dogs were consumed ('cause what else do you eat at a baseball birthday party?!). Then it was time for cake--and, more importantly, CANDLES!

After dinner came presents. He was thoroughly spoiled by all in attendance. The winning child-distracter, though, had to be the Thomas Train. It filled the whole kitchen. Good thing everyone had already eaten!

Will thoroughly enjoyed his party and woke up the next morning calling for the train and the backhoe. I arrived home from errands to find him in his Blue's Clues jammies and sunglasses, eating breakfast from a bowl suctioned to the front of the engine car, juice in one hand and walkie-talkie in the other. Doesn't get much better than that!

THank goodness birthdays only happen once a year!


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