Bad news freaking everywhere I turn these days. Tempered, thankfully, with a little good
2005-08-14 - 7:09 a.m.

I got up early yesterday to do a little typing, get it out of the way early in the heat of the day. Came in, sat down, hit the button on the iMac, and waited for it to get to the point where Will smiles at me.

Instead, i got an ugly, gray screen with a teensy floppy disk in the middle. The floppy disk housed a large, black, blinking question mark.

This is so very, very not good.

A quick search on the other computer, which, thankfully, is three inches to the iMac's right, gave me the fix for it. But still. I wonder if I'm working on borrowed time.

All my letters are on there. Most of my photos, too.

Time to make some back up disks, I suppose.

What a good time.

In other news, yet another friend of my family's was diagnosed with cancer recently. Pancreatic, this time, which has metastisized to her lymph nodes. It's the same cancer that her mother died from, three short months after her diagnosis.

The thing with pancreatic cancer is that there are usually no symptoms until it's way too late to do anything. The mets may have, in a strange twist of fate, saved her life because the lump that rose up on her neck from an infected node made her doctors catch the cancer much earlier than they would have otherwise.

She starts chemo on Tuesday.

Back when I first met S, she had just finished treatment for cervical cancer, which they caught while she and her husband were going through in vitro. My mom said last night that she thinks surviving one type of cancer should give you a free pass out of any other kind.

Would that it worked that way.

In Carol's world, things happen in threes. I don't want my phone to ring.

On the GOOD side of things, Kirk, Will, and I met Alexander Joseph yesterday--all seven pounds of him! He's so new still that his legs are still in that drawn-up-against-the-body-scrawny0-chicken-leg pose. Joe and Julie looked a little haggard. Alex had been up every hour the night before, finally just waking up at 2 am, and keeping everyone up until 6. Joe tried reasoning with him--"look, little dude--we all need some sleep, okay?" Somehow, it didn't work.

He sure is cute, though!


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