The more things change...
2005-12-12 - 10:48 p.m.

How is it possible that in the last ten years of my life I could have had two serious relationships, one of them being with my now-husband, and have chosen two men who are so incredibly different but remarkably, in some respects, so fundamentally alike? And why is it that the alike parts have to be the parts I don't like so much.

Why is it that I was just standing in my bathroom, having an imaginary conversation* with Kirk about why it is that I'm walking around my house with my annoyance level at the spillover point, when it suddenly struck me that I've had this exact same imaginary conversation before, but with Tim on the other end?

Something about that just isn't right.

*"Imaginary conversations" are those in which I conduct both sides of the discussion. They usually happen just in my head, but I have been known to, on occasion (especially when alone in the car), speak my half out loud. Usually, this is a way of either working something out for myself or rehearsing something I'm getting ready to say. My grandmother was the queen of imaginary conversation. From her I learned the art of having the same conversation repeatedly so that you can be prepared for all different responses. It's no wonder we all talk to ourselves in my family. We're just used to it.


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