Take Me Out to the Ballgame...
2005-09-29 - 7:43 a.m.

So the Sox lost. We still had a really good time at the game.

Mom, Judy, Carol, and I sat at one of the home plate-shaped tables on the right field roof deck and enjoyed a rather spectacular view of Fenway Park (scroll way down on the link for a view of the seats). We enjoyed our $100 food and beverage voucher that "came with" the tickets (i.e. it was included in the $340 per 4-seat table price) and discovered that a hundred bucks goes a long way at the game if you're only drinking soda and water. We listened to a gameload of drunk guy logic, which was sadly more entertaining than most of the baseball, we watched Bronson Arroyo, my baseball boyfriend, as he threw his impossibly long leg in the air at every pitch (entertaining regardless of the score), we saw Sam Horn and his giant diamond earring (seriously--one good spotlight and the thing could have lit the entire right field by itself) behave rather obnoxiously, and I got the chance to maybe be on TV!

Somewhere around the sixth inning or so, I became aware of this man who was standing off to the side of our table, staring. He had an access pass of some kind hanging around his neck, and he was watching us. Me, specifically. Finally, my sidelong glances met his gaze, and he approached the table. "Hi--can I talk to you for a minute?"

(and yes, gumphood, my first thought was, "ohmigod--I'm being wingmanned at the game!" Just for you!)

My mom, being my mother, jumped in. "Sure. What do you want to talk about?"

The man's eyes never left mine as he explained that he worked for Major League Baseball, and he was there with a team, filming Red Sox fans for another series of I Live For This! commercials to be shown during the playoffs. He said that they were looking for a varied base of fans, and asked if I would come talk to them on camera for a few minutes.

At the urging of my seatmates, I followed him across the bar area over to a more secluded spot by the elevators.* The other crew guys set me up in front of a camera and asked me a series of questions about the Red Sox and baseball in general, and then had me sign a big long release form allowing them to use my likeness on camera and saying that I didn't expect to be paid and all that jazz. In retrospect, I think I sounded like a total idiot out there, but just in case the magic of editing can erase my idiocy, keep an eye out for the commercials during the playoffs. If you see a woman in a bright yellow jacket, a blue turtleneck, and a Red Sox hat, blathering on about eating pizza to keep a winning streak going, you'll know I made the cut!

Sadly, the Red Sox broke my own personal streak last night. This was the first game EVER that I've attended that they've lost. I wasn't a good enough luck charm, I guess, even with my (mostly) silent admiration of Bronson Arroyo's legs...Better luck next time, guys. At least Cleveland lost. And those Yankees...Well, it's not over 'til it's over, you know?

*This would be where my mother, who has now seen WAY too many episodes of Law and Order and CSI and Without a Trace, surreptitiously followed us across the park to be sure he wasn't trying to kidnap me. She told me later that if I'd disappeared, she was going to call on Sam Horn to use his giant earring and light up the place so she could find me.


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