Still a grownup
2006-03-23 - 3:17 p.m.

So in the comments from yesterday's entry, Kaire said that I shouldn't forget to toss in a "When I was younger, I never..." to solidify my grownup state. I read her comment this morning. Last night, while Kirk and I were discussing the fact that, should the kids return, I will just call the police and let them deal with it,I said, "When I was a kid, I never would have gone in someone's yard like that!" Which is true, regardless, but still...I am irrevocably a grownup.

Will poked me in the eye last night. Hard. It was an accident, but that didn't change the fact that I couldn't open my eye for the next half hour because of the pain. Kirk took him off to put him to bed, and I limped downstairs,hand over my eye, to get Will's boo boo buddy out of the fridge and make myself some tea. My mom came out and laughed at me as I was crossing the kitchen, teakettle in hand. "You're limping AND you only have one eye AND you're the crochety old lady from the neighborhood!" I responded by grabbing an apple from the dry sink and holding it out to her, beckoning with one finger. "C'mere, my pretty--I have a lovely, shiny apple for you..."

We're a laugh a minute here at the Jenistar household, I tell you...


I am very proud of myself today. I've alluded in here before to the fact that I'm not the most financially responsible person. I seriously screwed up my credit rating in the past, and slowly, bit by bit, I've been improving it. Today I scheduled the last couple payments on an old debt that has been hanging over my head for a long time. This will be a big step forward for me. I could've settled it a while ago for about half of what I owed, but I chose instead to continue to pay it off monthly until the whole thing was accounted for because in the long run that was the best thing credit-wise to do.

Once again, that grownup thing rears its head.

In other news, Will walked over to me around lunch time with his shoes in his hand. "Let's get in your car, Mommy, and go get ice cream!" I think that's the longest sentence he's made yet. He was, of course, rewarded with a kid-sized cup-in-a-cone of Mint Chip. He likes the green ice cream best. Flavor is apparently much less important than color.

Sadly, his decision that he needed ice cream pretty much blew my eating habits for the day. Because I certainly couldn't let him eat alone, and we couldn't share one--I don't like green ice cream!

Off to my knitting class tonight to choose my next project. Ought to be interesting to see what I come home with...


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