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2006-05-17 - 6:09 p.m.

So...The CW schedule has been released for the fall, and Everwood is officially not on it. This is sad news.

I don't write about it in here much, because a)it's boring, and b)it's not something I really want to admit too often, but I watch WAY too much TV. I've been that way for much of my life, except in the Tim Years, because Tim was/is not a TV watcher, and we were busy doing whatever he wanted to do*. Kirk, however, would watch anything on television. Seriously. ANYthing. Town zoning meetings. Local dance recitals. Mass. Golf. The other night, I came upstairs and found him on our bed watching a documentary about constructing violins. For the second time.

Anyway, I digress...My season finale...um...season this year has been full of stress and trauma, mostly caused by the Gilmore Girls. Fricking Amy Sherman-Palladino and her F-you sendoff to the WB, leaving Lorelai in bed with Chris and sparking the did-they-or-didn't-they controversy that roared around the TWoP boards for weeks before the scene even aired (for the record, I still believe the first episode of season seven will prove they didn't, regardless of ASP's intent). Once that was over and the spoiler discussion board that had been causing me major angina was closed down, I moved forward in life, on to the Gray's Anatomy finale, which, of course, left me in tears. Up until the last second, when I angrily yelled at the television, "NO! YOU CAN'T LEAVE IT LIKE THIS FOR THREE MONTHS!" And yet, leave it they did, and it won't be until September that the "which way does Meridith walk" mystery is solved. Again, for the record, I believe that the next scene will have Addison walk up and put her hand on McDreamy's shoulder, breaking the tension and sending Meredith full of guilt and home with Finn, opening the door for several uncomfortable episodes before the nail goes in the Addison/McDreamy coffin.

You see what the problem is here? I think about these things way too much. There is too much TV in my life. I talk about these people like I actually know them in real life. Like what happens to them somehow affects me. Like they're my friends.

And so today I got the news that one of the shows I love is not returning. I'm promising myself that I won't start to watch something else in its place. Of course, I've made that promise a thousand times before, always to no avail.

Of course, I also got the news today that 7th Heaven IS coming back. This doesn't fill me with the amount of dread with which it fills most people. I'll admit it here--7th Heaven is one of my guilty pleasures. I blame my old roommates, Cronin and Erica. Cronin used to make us watch it with him, saying that it was our weekly dose of family values. Yes, it's unbelievably cheesy and ridiculous, and the acting is often questionable and my eyes are often sore by the end of an episode from all the rolling they've done. And yet...it reminds me of a happy, simpler time in my life when the three of us sat in the living room and at popcorn for dinner and discussed our life events while the drama of the Camdens played out in the background. So sue me.

My name is Jennifer, and I watch 7th Heaven.

Perhaps I shouldn't give Kirk quite so hard a time about those violin shows after all.


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