Running him ragged is a good thing
2007-04-30 - 6:28 p.m.

After spending most of the day yesterday wearing a path between the kitchen and the time-out chair in the living room, I decided that a change of scenery might do both the Willdebeast and myself a load of good today. Thus inspired, 8:30 this morning found me on the phone with my stepsister, inquiring whether she and my nephew might like to meet us for a day of bounce houses and snack bar food at the Tot Plex. She told me I was a lifesaver. "I just asked Nolan what he wanted to do today," she laughed, "and he said, 'run around.' Before you called, I was going to be running around my too-small house!"

By the end of the day, I came to the sad conclusion that one of Will's biggest problems may be understimulation. We had not one incident all day, and he and Nolan played nicely together the entire time.

The bonus part is that Kristy and I got to talk like grownups for a big stretch. I wish we were closer. Actually, when I look at where we've been before, we ARE closer now. Nolan and Will help on that front, especially on days when neither of them ends up crying. But we're slowly finding other common ground between us, too. We made plans to go see the Pollock/Matters exhibit together when it rolls into town, as well as to make a trip to the Providence Children's Museum before she starts her new job in mid-May. Babysteps are good.

I am off to stitch and bitch tonight without a project. Since I finished my messenger bag, I haven't been able to focus on anything. That may have more to do with the crazy beast-child I share my days with than with a knitting funk. But it's the last day of April and I've not even started> any of the projects I have planned for Christmas. I know--December is still far off. But I have at least two shawls, another messenger bag, and a purse to make. You'd think I'd pick up the needles on ONE of them...Ah well. I have 20 minutes until Kirk gets home to figure it out.

On the upside, I managed to clean out a closet for all my craft stuff this weekend. It's not in any sort of order, but at least it's off the floor in our bedroom.

And now I'm off to boil water for shell noodles and to find the microwave steamer for the broccoli. Is it bad that my child eats pasta at least once a day?


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