Pedaling By Himself
2008-05-09 - 5:30 a.m.

will at wards 033

Will and I went to Wards yesterday. This is turning into a regular Thursday trip for us, at least as long as their organic buying club continues. It's sort of like a CSA, but without the upfront commitment. Or the local aspect, at least until the local growing season kicks in. But for the moment, it works. We go and pick up our box and whatever extras might catch our eye (yesterday it was a whole, seedless watermelon. Yummy!), grab two half moon cookies from the "Homemade by Mrs. Ward" section, pay for the spoils, and head out to the sandbox.

Yesterday was a big day for Mr. Will. Up until now, he's gone to sit on the tricycles, but has complained that it's too hard to pedal them, and couldn't I just push him, please? Not yesterday. For whatever reason, he decided he had enough strength in those little feet to pedal a whole ten feet or so.

Hey, we'll take our victories where we can get them.

I'm finally getting something of a grip on using my "new" camera. These photos aren't nearly as bad as most of those I've taken. And there's nary an errant thumb across the lens to be seen!

will at wards 031

will at wards 027

will at wards 011


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