In a New York Minute
2006-02-01 - 6:42 p.m.

This past weekend, Kirk and I left Will home with his Nana and ventured into NYC to visit his sister and her husband. RIght now, they live right on the edge of Union Square, but they've put their teensy co-op on the market so we took advantage of still having a free place to stay, $40 round trip Greyhound bus fare, and an opportunity to visit and headed into the Big City.

My legs are still a little sore. I am frightfully out of shape if the city walking does me in this badly.

Regardless of that, it was a wonderful weekend, and I am very thankful to Amy and Lon for hosting us and to my mom for making it possible to have a weekend sans toddler.

Amy hates living in the city, and although I can't even begin to fathom why, I'm glad she's moving out before it eats her alive. I told Lon this weekend that I think one of two things happens to people in New York. Either you thrive on the energy of the city and it builds you up, or it sucks the energy out of you and drags you down. She, sadly, falls into the latter category. I hope someone wonderful buys their apartment and appreciates the things she just can't see about where she lives.

On the phone with my mom, I asked Amy what notable landmarks were nearby that someone might have heard of. Her answer? "None."

Before the weekend was over, I discovered that they are three blocks from the Strand Bookstore and about 12 blocks from CBGB's. I'm telling you, my husband and his sister were born without a vital entertainment gene.

What did we do in NYC? Well, we ate and walked and ate and walked and ate and walked and ate and walked. Oh, and ate. And walked.

Both nights we had dinner in lovely little Italian places on the upper west side (I think that's where they were, anyway), the names of which I will post as soon as I find the business cards I've since misplaced. With appetizers all around and at least two glasses of wine, dinner for four came to about $80 and $120 before tips respectively, so I can honestly say that wonderful, reasonable food is definitely out there. Brunch on Sunday was at Bubby's, where I ate the tastiest piece of bacon I think I've ever had.

We also made a (well, two) trips to the Magnolia Bakery. The first night was just for me, the second to arm myself with cupcakes to bring home. And a cookbook, so I can try to recreate that fabulous chocolate frosting on my own.

The food was delicious all around. The company was wonderful, too. But the best part of the weekend? Finding a bit of my pre-Will self again. I would never trade him, not even for a moment. But it was good to remember who I was before I was someone's Mommy.

And now, that someone is ready for me again...


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