Walls and Passion Parties
2005-05-19 - 1:44 p.m.

There are walls! Upstairs, at least, every room is walled in! And downstairs there are at least the top half of walls in every room, soon to be the complete walls! This is very, very, very good.

I'm celebrating, anyway. And Kirk is celebrating. My mom--not so celebratory. She seems to be severly lacking in the enthusiasm department when it comes to her new house. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You can only get your hopes up so many disappointing times in a row, I guess.

Will and I took a trip to the Evil Wal*mart today to buy toilet paper, toothpaste, plants, and potting soil. There are going to be flowers in my window box, dammit! Of course, now there are pansies in cute little rows of soil sitting by my back door, and I'm in here typing this instead of planting them. All in good time.

Tonight, we're off to Carla's for what should prove to be an interesting evening. Another mutual old friend of ours has become a Passion Parties rep, and has convinced Carla to host a couples party for her tonight.

Now, despite the fact that the first time I went to a party like this one--I've been to two others--I won a prize for being the first person to blush, I'm not embarrassed by being a guest at the party. The hard part for me comes in knowing the distributor. There's just something a bit odd about purchasing any kind of, uh, "adult toy" from someone you've known since elementary school. I told Kirk he was going to have to be in charge of the ordering part. God only knows what we'll come home owning.

Wish me luck, all. And now I'm off to type about acne. Hey--something's got to pay for the sex toys! ***Oh, and by the way--in regard to my last entry--"FSBO" stands for "For Sale By Owner" in the real estate world!


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