A quick list of what's on my mind
2005-06-23 - 2:11 p.m.

1. Kirk is working from home today, which = no computer time for me, save this few minutes, so this will be a very short entry.

2. The dumpster is leaving, and the doors arrived at my mom's house. These are both very good things.

3. Her closets now have shelves in them. I am suffering from severe closet envy.

4. THe neuro office still has not called me. I wonder if I still have an appointment in August. Now, I'm waiting for a call from JDP, although the further I get from the incident without any new symptoms or fallout, the more secure I feel in the idea that the seizure was fall-related. Still, it would be nice to be 100% sure (or whatever passes for 100% in the medical field anyway).

5. HSBF Scott called me today--Hi Scott! I'm sorry your cell phone got all screwy on you. FOr the record, I could still hear you, and hope you call me back to let me know when you'll be in town!

6. I need AAA batteries.

7. I am greatly resisting the urge to do some more baking. Just what my waistline needs. Damn PMS.

8. Next week, I am starting pilates lessons with Gail. Just the two of us and an instructor. $35 a session. It's TOTALLY worth it to me to feel a little healthier. Between my sore back and my bruised tailbone, I'm starting to feel a million years old.

9. Kirk is coming back--my time here is done!


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