speeding and shopping and lunch--oh my!
2005-10-03 - 4:22 p.m.

I got pulled over for speeding this morning. First time in my entire driving life I've been stopped by the police. It wasn't a proud moment. Entirely justifiable, too. The squad car was pulled WAY off the road and the policewoman was practically hiding in the bushes with her radar gun. I never saw her until it was WAY too late. But we were going downhill with no one in front of us or behind us, and the momentum carried us just about 11 miles over the speed limit. She gave me a warning, though, not a ticket. Thank God for small favors.

Will thought it was pretty funny. Perhaps his charming the lady officer helped us out of the ticket. Perhaps the fact that I was polite and didn't ramble on at her--just handed her my license and registration and didn't try to chat helped too. Or perhaps it was the fact that I'm 35 YEARS OLD AND HAVE NEVER BEEN STOPPED BEFORE did it.

No, I'm not bitter. I'm just mad at myself is all. It was a point of personal pride, you know? And now it's shattered.

Worse things have happened.

We went to Betsy's for Amy's birthday celebration yesterday. Will got knocked around by the overexuberant and happy-to-see-him dog, which was fun until he hit overtired, at which point it was devastating. One misplaced lick and he was in full waterworks. Life not worth living kind of cries.

I accidentally came home with Betsy's car and house key. We were going to drop it back to her today, but she called us this morning and asked if we wanted to meet her at the mall. A couple hours later, Will was completely outfitted--new sneakers (in sandstone and classic navy) AND new shoes (in wheat), new flannel shirts (in harvest and bluejay), new pants (in navy, plus another pair in dark green I can't find on the website), plus two more shirts and a fuzzy sherpa fleeve vest I can't find photos of, all courtesy of his grandmother! Good to know my child won't be naked any time soon...

After the marathon shopping spree, Betsy took us to lunch at Brighams. We actually had a very good time. It's not often that she and I sit down and talk without anyone else around, and I can honestly say I enjoyed myself. Will spent a good part of the lunch trying to stick french fries up his nose. I guess perfection is too far to reach.

And now, I'm off to make baked potato soup. Mmmm...soup!


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