Just a silly little survey
2005-09-30 - 3:10 p.m.

Courtesy of my friend Amber's Myspace blog, may I present:

A useless survey!

Name: Jennifer
age: 35
sex: female
hair color: light brown with (where the hell did these come from) red highlights.
eye color: blue
zodiac sign: Virgo
person you're named after: Me. Just me.
people you live with: the Husband, the Son, the Mother. Hopefully soon to be just the Husband and the Son

color: Blue. No--red. No--blue.
band: Of all time? Depeche Mode.
TV show: Current: Gilmore Girls. Ever: Buffy and Twin Peaks.
video game: Don't play 'em, unless computer solitaire counts.
movie: Heathers
food: Mashed potatoes
room in the house: Will's room, with the kitchen a somewhat distant second
flower: daisies and irises
animal: Snickers, the resident guinea pig
sport: lacrosse
pizza topping: mushrooms
season: fall
shampoo: Lush Big Shampoo
hairspray: the aerosol kind--I use it to take pen out of laundry.
CD: Two I made for myself--the need-some-energy mix and the giving-in-to-melancholoy mix.
gum: Bazooka sugarless
restaurant: Centre Street Cafe
holiday: Halloween
number: 8
candy: kit kat bars
song: Whatever gets Will to stop crying.
Starbucks beverage: caramel apple cider.

Are you for or against ...
prostitution: legalize
Abortion: support wholeheartedly and with every vote I can.
drunk driving: against
Legalizing drugs: mostly against--people are stupid.
Death penalty: against
illegal immigrants: legalize
Premarital sex: Neither. I had it. It happens. It complicates things.
War: mostly against
hippies: mostly for
Porn: for
clothes on dogs: against now, although I did dress my own dog when I was younger.
School uniforms: mostly against
Public schools: for.
Spam: internet spam? grrrr
Gay marriage: for
interracial relationships: for
arranged marriages: against
republicans: mostly against
Zoos: against in theory, but how else in his life will my kid ever see those animals?
Organic farming: for
Britney Spears: No real feeling either way...
Chuck Taylors: for
genetically modified crops: against
curfews: I was against having one, but that doesn't mean I won't be for setting one when the time comes. Parenthood changes you.
Tommy hilfiger: against, except that one commercial my friend Scott was in.
the Atkin's Diet: mostly against
Victoria’s secret models: against

This or That
Jello or pudding: pudding
aim or msn: neither
hotmail or yahoo: gmail
carpet or hardwood: hardwood
cats or dogs: smallish dogs
fish or mice: fish
wine or beer: wine
Abercrombie or hot topic: I am over 16.
cake or pie: cake. Always cake.
kisses or hugs: who's giving?
Golf or poker: poker
shower or bath: bath
kinky or not: Both have their place.
independent films or big company films: see "kinky or not."

Do you...
drink diet pop: never
eat a lot of junk food: sadly, yes
watch soap operas: while I'm cleaning the house
watch CSI: yes
wear makeup: As was once pointed out for me, "I'm a girl who wears makeup, and when I buy clothes, they're outfits." And I am not ashamed.
take naps: whenever I can
own a cell phone: yes, grudgingly
have a job: yes. A couple of them

When was the last time you:
cursed: This morning
had sex: yesterday
went into a chat room: years ago.
Drank alcohol: Wednesday night at the Sox game.
went bowling: 1991
had a sleep over: July 2004.
got arrested: never
watched a porn: it's been a while
starred in a porn: never. Glen never made his movie.
went to the movies: Mothers' Day
Told someone a secret: Tuesday
gave someone a gift: today
had a gift given to you: last week
brushed your teeth: this morning
dyed your hair: Years ago
Gave advice: last week

Word Association
cat: nap
fish: stick
jacket: straight
yo yo: yo Coolio, you can't park there.
bed: head
Frog: legs
hair: cut
ice cube: tray
rope: broke
pillow: fight
lion: cub
cage: camp
water: bottle
watermelon: gum
pink: miss
spider: web


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