Jennifer is
2005-07-29 - 2:22 p.m.

Per K-Lo, I typed " is" into google and pulled my 10 quotes.

"Jenistar is" gave only one result:
"Jenistar is not a member of any public groups." Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure I'm the Jenistar it's referring to!

"Jennifer is" produced some more interesting things:

"Jennifer is not a criminal."

"Jennifer is among the many celebrities who are fighting back against
the paparazzi."

"Jennifer is Great."

"Little Jennifer is a genius."

"Jennifer, is she your friend?"

"Jennifer is married to a wonderful man who works in Information Technology. "

"Jennifer is not a musician but she supports local music."

"Jennifer is a funny juxtaposition of a lot of different things."

"At noon, Jennifer is able to take her first break of the day."

"Jennifer is off to see the Wizard."

Thanks, K-Lo. That was fun!


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