Long Island Photos and a precursor to the "Terrible Twos"
2005-07-28 - 7:25 a.m.

Our trip to Long Island to visit Amy and Lon turned out to be a wonderful weekend, despite my misgivings about the wisdom of a six-hour car trip with a 20-month-old. Will thoroughly enjoyed himself and, by halfway through our weekend, learned how to say "doggeeee," a word he practiced often and loudly.

We went to the beach, where his father and aunt seated him in the kayak and took him for a spin around the shoreline. He loved that--cried when we made him get out!

A lot of our time when we weren't at the beach we spent just exploring. Will prefered pushing the carriage to riding in it, which necessitated finding open space.

THis was great fun until we ran into the sprinklers. Here, he's practicing seriously mad face.

Our trip ended with a drive through Greenport on the way to the ferry. Despite his poor restaurant behavior, screaming at the top of his lungs and necessitating lunch to go, we rode the carousel before heading to the car. Again--loved it. Three rides and then tears.

Funny how different he becomes in such a short span of time. We took him on the carousel at Edaville Railroad in January and he cried and cried at the RIDE. Now the tears are strictly for the exit.

He's getting so big. ANd so wilful. We named him correctly, I think.

Yesterday, as I was attempting to make him some lunch, he reached up onto the stove and grabbed the teakettle. Thankfully, it hadn't been used since early that morning, as he upended it and poured the water all over the floor. As I was mopping it up, he walked over to the table, picked up the new peanut butter and mayonnaise jars I'd just unpacked from our grocery run, and hurled them across the kitchen. He then moved on to the macaroni box, ripping off the top flap and reaching down into its contents, which are apparently really fun to touch.

Pretty soon, I'm just going to have to tie him to a chair. It's the only viable solution.

Good thing he's cute, I tell you.


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