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2008-05-09 - 5:06 p.m.

Will is in the other room, licking his wounds since the Big Yell that took place in the car a bit ago.

We stopped at Bertucci's with my mom and our friend Tony this afternoon after setting up for a fundraiser happening later on this evening. After we ate, he chose to burst out the door and run through the parking lot in the rain while the three of us screamed at him to stop. By the time I caught up with him, he'd already made one car stop short.

He knows better than that. I know he does. This was emphasized by the fact that as we drove home with me in silence, he proceeded to needle me, bit by bit, until he said, "I know we've talked about my running away from you and I ran away from you, didn't I?"

This was a mistake.

Breaking the seal is always a mistake.

Once it starts to come out, it just keeps on coming. And it was angry and scared and shaky.

I understand why people put their kids on leashes. I'm thinking of investing in one right now.

The fundraiser is for a guy who lives in my town. His wife died suddenly on Easter Sunday from bacterial pneumonia. They thought she had the flu. Now, he and his two kids (a girl, two years, and a boy, five months or so)are back here with his parents while he tries to make some new semblance of a life.

Ain't life just a kick in the pants...


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