Weird, part 2
2006-01-12 - 5:09 p.m.

The most interesting part about playing tag like this is that I've read each other person's list and had an "aha" moment about at least one of the habits on their lists. Something that is also true about me that I may not have even realized about myself until someone else points it out.

Like Jessica, who tagged Jen in the first place, I raise my feet when driving over railroad tracks and send a kiss to my roof when driving through a yellow light. I also wish on stars, though I generally manage to avoid the planes. Jen and I seem to have the same inability to stop eating things once they've been opened. Mimi and I both pace while talking on the phone (I do this while brushing my teeth, too. Never in front of the sink, which can cause issues when it comes time to spit.) And as for Dan, well, I think we might be related somewhere in our family trees. I dip my chips (Cape Cod russets, if I have my way) in all sorts of non-dipping things. Baked kidney beans are a favorite. The combination of the sweet bean juice and the salty chips is like heroin to me (see also: inability to stop eating snacky things). My t-shirts are in separate categories in my drawer, as are my socks. They have three drawers, actually, and are sorted in a manner that only I understand but that allows me to find whatever pair I want within seconds. I am never without a notebook, although my lists are not quite as book-related as his. Perhaps because my reading time has diminished as Will has gotten bigger. SOmeday, perhaps...Back when I used to read all the time, I always had more than one book going at the same time. Actually, that's still true. It's just that my time start-to-finish is MUCH longer these days.

I'm not sure what all of this says about me. Perhaps it just points out that weird is a lot more normal than we're led to believe. Or perhaps that's just wishful thinking on my part. Perhaps I'm just a bundle of weirdness, barely tied together into a functioning human.

Is there a middle ground? I can only hope.


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