Good news and time away
2005-08-22 - 4:02 p.m.

Finally, some unadulterated good news: Kirk emailed me this morning with the news that our friend Barb is pregnant. She's due in March. Today is her birthday. We sent her flowers, congratulating her and wishing her a happy day and all. She called me, teary and thrilled when they arrived. It was good to have a just plain happy moment.

Barb turns 39 today. It was her dearest wish to have a baby before she turns 40. I am so very, very happy for her that her wish will come true.

Kirk and I went to NH by ourselves this weekend. Will stayed home with his nana. Our first non-baby stretch of more than a few hours since what seems like forever. I'm hesitant say it was wonderful. We got up there, unpacked, and did what any couple with a small child and no private time would do when suddenly left alone in a house with a bed--we took a nap! Ah, sleep--I've missed you so. Didn't get up until 9:15 on SUnday morning, either. I haven't been that well-rested since before I got pregnant!

We had a wonderful dinner at Ron's Landing on Saturday night. Kirk tried the oysters on the half shell and the boiled lobster. I went with the caesar salad and the surf & turf with scallops. No one yelled or threw food on the floor at all the whole time we were eating. After dinner, we walked along the beach and the "boardwalk," stopping in one of the arcades for some friendly skee-ball competition. Finished the evening with homemade chocolate almond gelato from a little stand at the end of the strip. It was heaven.

Sunday, we shopped in lots of stores. Without having to stop and lift anyone in our out of a carriage. With no screaming. And no thought to naptime. That was good.

It's amazing. When we sat down to eat, we were very quiet. It's like the day-to-day buzz of our lives has made us forget how to talk to each other when the topic isn't Will. Happily, it came back to us fairly quickly. I remember you--I used to really like you. A lot. In fact, I believe I married you three years ago this week! Yeah--that was me in the white dress...

I didn't waste the weekend worrying about Will and pining, as I was a little afraid I would. I was fine, in fact, until about 6:30 Sunday evening, when, as Kirk was wandering through the DVD section of Target, I saw a couple pushing a toddler in a shopping cart. The daddy was pushing and the mommy was tickling the little boy, who was dissolving in laughter. One look and I froze--I needed to go home RIGHTNOW!!!!!

Time away is good. Coming home is even better.

Happy week, all.


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