cd's volume two
2005-05-27 - 2:05 p.m.

CD’s Volume Two—The Second Shelf:

23. David Bowie * The Singles, 1969 to 1993 David Bowie waved to me at a show he played at Foxboro Stadium. I was working the last section of seats before the cutoff, the last area stadium officials deemed okay to sell. We had a great view of the backstage hallway, but not a great view of the stage. After the sound check, before the gates opened and the paying customers came in, I spotted him walking off the stage and around the back. I leaned as far over the barricade as I could and yelled “DAVID!” as loud as my voice would go. He stopped, turned, and waved before continuing on his journey to the back. That was the night I realized my parents’ marriage was entirely over. I didn’t care. David Bowie waved to me.

24. Original Soundtrack * The Breakfast Club “You won’t accept a guy’s tongue in your mouth, but you’ll eat that?” I know every line of this movie by heart. In order. I could almost recite it without prompting. This is a scary, little known fact about me. Greg (yes the same Greg I mentioned yesterday) and I went to see it on our first (and possibly only actual) date.

25. Meredith Brooks * Blurring the Edges Sometimes, in the right mood, nothing else will do except “Bitch” at extremely loud volumes.

26. and 27. Jeff Buckley * Grace and Sketches For My Sweetheart the Drunk Ah, Jeff. We lost you far, far too soon. Your version of “Halleluliah” gives me goosebumps, and “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” makes me weep. Who knows what you would have brought me if you’d lived.

28. Buffy the Vampire Slayer original cast * Once More With Feeling Best. TV. Show. Ever.

29. Tracy Chapman * Let It Rain Purchased for the sole purpose of adding “You’re the One” to a CD I was making for a friend.

30. Leonard Cohen * Cohen Live All I need on slightly stressed days. What a voice!

31. – 35. Shawn Colvin * Steady On, Fat City, Cover Girl, Live ’88, and A Few Small Repairs I first saw Shawn Colvin at the Great Woods Folk Festival in the summer of 1990. It was the day my dad moved out of our house. She stood on the edge of that huge stage, just her and her guitar, and made the most beautiful music I’d ever heard. It took me a week of having record store clerks saying “Shawn Colvin, who’s he?” to find her CD. They finally ordered it for me at Newbury Comics. I also own an album she made of carols and lullabies, but it lives in Will’s room. “Shotgun Down the Avalanche” is one of my favorite songs ever.

36. Contagious * Another Human Interest Story Friend in the band. The CD cover is even autographed! Ed, I was supposed to return this to you before you left BI. Should you ever find this and want your CD back, email me!

37. Count Zero * Robots Anonymous Again, friend in the band.

38. Cowboy Junkies * The Trinity Sessions The first time I heard any of this music was on a mix tape HSBF Scott made for me somewhere before I graduated from high school. It’s been at least 17 years. The music hasn’t lost its appeal.

39. Sheryl Crow * Tuesday Night Music Club I’ve tried several times to make myself get rid of this. Somehow, it ends up back on the shelf.

40. The Cult * Electric Phil’s band used the song “King Contrary Man” for all their singer auditions. Listening to it still brings me back to the days when I was the ZuGod Auxiliary.

41. Culture Club * VH1 Storytellers Greatest Moments So I love Culture Club. So sue me. I continue to love the live versions on here of “Victims” and “That’s the Way (I’m Only Trying to Help You).” The woman singing with Boy George here has an incredibly powerful voice.

42. Cutting Crew * Broadcast Purchased in a bargain bin somewhere along the line so I could listen to “(I just) died in you arms” a thousand times in a row. I could save that one song onto my computer and get rid of the disc, since I don’t think I’ve ever listened to any of the other tracks, but I’m not sure I could find someone else to take it. One hit wonder!

43. Def Leppard * Vault (Greatest Hits) See number 4. Sadly, I saw Def Leppard on the Today Show this morning. They were awful! Oh well. Saved me the $50 I was going to shell out to see them play this summer.


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