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2006-02-15 - 8:19 a.m.

It seems my supergold membership is about to expire, and since it's just not in the budget this week, y'all will have to do without shiny, pretty things for a while.

See, I have this two-year-old money pit sleeping in the next room. Damn child, insisting on things like food and clothes and Gymboree classes so he can learn to socialize with other kids and not be the hitting, drooling, obnoxious little boy no one wants to play with...

In other news, I have completed my first two knitting projects, courtesy of Betsy and my birthday gift from last year of a knitting class at the Snow Goose. My mom and Will are now sporting matching scarves. If I can get them to pose, I'll post a photo. I'm rather proud of myself, I must say.

I also managed this past weekend to passably recreate the Magnolia Bakery vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting here at home. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy! Worth the five (yes five!) sticks of butter that went into the combo. Mine weren't as pretty as Magnolia's. They came out a bit flat, actually. But it's amazing what a big dollop of frosting will do to improve the look of a baked good. And regardless of the look, the taste was there, which is the important part.

And now I'm off to make some macaroni and cheese because Will and I have playdates coming over today. It was nice of my friends to have kids just enough older than Will that we can use getting them together as an excuse to socialize, don't you think?


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