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2018-12-03 - 10:34 a.m.

I’m not going to concentrate on “self care” this morning. I’m going to work on “self support”.

Self care seems to create a mental picture of indulgence and frivolity. Sure, we say, that would be *lovely,* if we only had the time or the resources or the headspace to do something that nonessential. Read a magazine? Even finish my coffee while it’s still hot—these are luxuries I just can’t afford. Hell, some days I can’t afford the *magazine,* let alone 15 minutes to read it!

Those things are self care, but they aren’t the ONLY kinds of self care. So today, I am thinking about self support.

We all NEED self support. Especially at a time of year when stress levels are high and time is short and our to-do lists are so, so long. Self support enables us to continue to support the other people in our lives who are counting on us. So it’s imperat that we do it—and get, so often, we fail to give ourselves the grace and space we give other people.

So I am starting to make a list of three small things I can do to support myself each day. After today, I am going to make it at night as part of my getting ready for bed ritual. Because one of the three things I’m doing today is making an actual written out getting ready for bed ritual ❤️ I feel like I need an actual list. #2 for today is to make a list of a getting up in the morning ritual. And I am giving myself permission to use them as a flexible tool—a list of suggestions, not a sacred document that must be respected inflexibly—that may need to be revised.

I’m not sure my expectations for myself are reasonable, but I won’t know until I make these expectations of myself very, very clear and I see if I can meet them. If I can, wonderful! If I can’t, I give myself permission to tweak them until they are reasonable and revisit them again in the future when and if I feel I can handle higher expectations.

My third self support action today will be to call and make an appt with the NP who prescribed my ADHD and anxiety medications. I have been struggling with this over the past few months(she went on maternity leave and I fell out of the pattern), and I need to get back to a regular routine.

We are all suffering in my household for my not supporting myself in these ways. And so my giving myself this support also supports my family. See how that works? :)

What is something you can do—some small thing—to support yourself in your quest to get through your day? Share it in the comments if you read all the way through this and Inspire me!


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